Now that you have finished your pages, you'll have to read through the pages of the other groups and learn about London in general.Answer these questiones looking for the answers in the wiki.GOOD LUCK!!!!!

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  1. In what London’s park can you see people sunbathing, having picnics, or just listening to a concert or to some people speaking?
  2. In what London’s park can you find a zoo?
  3. In what London’s park can you find a lake with different types of birds?
  4. In what London’s park can you see the statue of Peter Pan?
  5. What is the Monument? What does it commemorate?
  6. How many women were murdered in Whitechapel? What type of women were they?
  7. What was the name of the murderer?
  8. Who did Queen Boadicea fight against?
  9. What is the origin of Cleopatra’s Needle? It was taken from city in Egypt, What city?
  10. What is the residence of the Royal family?
  11. Who was the first King or Queen who lived there?
  12. Is there a museum in the Palace? What is its name? What paintings can you find there?
  13. What is the name of the room where ceremonial dances were celebrated?
  14. Give another name for the Foot Guard.
  15. Does the Foot guard march with or without music?
  16. Why is Temple Church famous? What is its shape? Why has it got that shape?
  17. How many knights’ effigies can you find there?
  18. What architectural style is it?
  19. Why Piccadilly Circus is called circus?
  20. What type of things can you find around Piccadilly?
  21. Has Leicester square got a park in the middle?
  22. What area of London are situated Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square?
  23. What was Covent Garden Piazza originally?
  24. What can you find in Covent Garden?
  25. What is the National gallery?
  26. When was Trafalgar Square built?
  27. Why is it called Trafalgar?
  28. Who lives at 10 Downing Street?
  29. What is Whitehall? Why is it called Whitehall?
  30. Explain how many times St Paul’s was built.
  31. Who was the architect who built the present cathedral?
  32. How old was he when it was finished?
  33. When was the original Globe theatre built?
  34. When and how was it destroyed?
  35. Is the present Shakespeare’s Globe a faithful replica of the old one? Please look at the photographs of the interior of Shakespeare’s Globe. They are great!
  36. The Tower of London has been used for different things. Can you name them?
  37. Why did William the Conqueror build The White Tower?
  38. Who killed his nephews in the Bloody Tower to become king?
  39. What is the Traitors’ Gate used for?
  40. What is particular about Tower Bridge? Why is it different from the others?
  41. What were originally The Houses of Parliament?
  42. When was it destroyed by a fire?
  43. What rooms are the most important?
  44. Who were the first ones to use Westminster Abbey?
  45. What do British monarchs use Westminster Abbey for?
  46. How many objects can you see at the collections of the British Museum?
  47. How many different cultures can you study at the museum?
  48. What type of collections can you enjoy at the Natural History Museum?
  49. How are the zones divided?
  50. Where is the new Darwin’s centre?
  51. In what shop in London can you buy all types of toys?
  52. Name two street markets in London.
  53. How many departments has Harrods got? What can you find there?
  54. Which Department Store is older, Harrods or Selfridges?
  55. How many kilometres of shops can you walk along Oxford street?