Trafalgar Square, Whitehall, National Gallery BY MARIBEL, FCO JAVIER AND CRISTNA GARCÍA

Trafalgar Square.

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what we are going to see in London:


The Trafalgar Square was the place where the Royal Mews were placed. There, the hunting falcons were kept. It was built in Victorian times by the Queen Victoria, in honor of Admiral Nelson, who won the Battle of Trafalgar against Napoleon.
In the centre of the Square is the statue of Admiral Nelson. It is a column 56 metres high. On the top is the statue (5.5 m). Around the statue, there are four lions.They were made out of the guns which were taken from old battleships. The statue was made by the sculptor Edwin Landseer.

Around the Square, there are some buildings, such as the National Gallery and Martin's-in-the.Fields Church.


Whitehall is a street in Westmisnter city. It goes from the Parliament Square to Trafalgar Square. There is a statue of Charles I in the south end of Trafalgar Square. There are different HM Government.Whitehall_sketch_map.png

The name of the street is taken from the Palace Whitehall which was in the area but then it was destroyed by the fire in 1698. In the central part of the street there are many military buildings, such as the Ministry of Defence or the Horse Guards building.

It is the residence of the Prime MInister and the First Lord of the Treasury. In 1732 The King George II gave to Sir Robert Walpole the three houses of the street. It is the most famous adress in London.
Actually, Gordon Brown is the Prime Minister and the First Lord of the Treasury.


It is one of the most important museums in London, and it has one of the greatest collection of European paintings.
It was founded in 1824 and it shows European paintings from 1250 to 1900. The museum has been in three differents buildings. Nowadays is situated at the North side of Trafalgar Square, The building was built by William Wilkins.
The museum has a permanent collection which has 2300 paintings. They belong to the Britanic State.
One of the most important painting in the museum is "La Venus del espejo" by Velázquez.
The museum has been in three differents buildings. Nowadays is situated at the North side of Trafalgar Square.