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It's one of the biggest street in London. It's situate in Westmister and it's one of the most famous street to go shopping in the world. Oxford street has more than 300 shops and it's runs approximately 2Km, from Marble Arch throught Oxford Circus to St.Giles Circus. Oxford street is home to major department, has hundreds of smaller shops, and it is not the most expensive. Some of the major stores are:




-Disney store


Selfridges is a chain of high and departm

ent stores in the United Kingdom. It was founded by Harry Gordon Selfridge. This store was Opened in Oxford street the 15th March 1909.

The steel frame is disguissed behind the huge masonry columns and the main entrance and all of the building to the left were added some 18 years after the store first opened. Some of London's most imaginative displays can

be seen in Selfridges windows, specially in Christmas because once, one million pounds worth of dia

mons were put on show. Above the Art-Deco main entrance there is a statue to the Queen of Time riding in the Ship of Commerce Harry Selfridges



The Camden Markets are lots of m

arkets in Camden town. The stalls sell crafts, clothing,bric-a-brac, fast food, and other things. It is the fourth most popular visitor attraction in London, attracting approximately 100,000 people each weekend. The camden market was originated in 1974 when the Camden Lock crafts market was formed.


Hamley’s is one of the largest and most famous toy shops in the world. Situated on one of London’s busiest shopping areas, Regent Street, the giant emporium occupies six huge floors packed full of toys and games, is one of Lo

ndon’s most popular tourist attractions, welcoming in excess of five million visitors each year.

The shop was founded by William Hamley, a Cornishman from Bodmin in 1760. The original shop was called ’Noah’s Ark'.



Portobello Road is a haven for shoppers, with the many fashion designer boutiques, art galleries, lifestyle and interiors,

and the finest foods and wines. Here you can find the very best that London has to offer. Portobello Road remains

lively throughout the week and boasts some of the finest bars and restaurants in London.



Piccadilly Circus is a famous road junction and public space of London's West End in the City of Westminster, built in 1819 to connect Regent Street with the major shopping street of Piccadilly.



Harrods is a department store located on Brompton

road. The store occupies more than 90.000 m2 of selling space over 330 departments. Is one of the largest store in the world. It was established by Henry Harrod in 1834. Here you can find every type of products. It includes 28 restaurants, a pharmacy, a beauty spa, a Harrods bank and more and more things!