**Most important parks** BY ANDREA LUQUE; RAQUEL AND ELENA
**hola somos andrea,raquel**

Listen to us explaining the parks we'll see in London:

Regent's Park

Regents Park is a great extension where you'll be able to enjoy the calm and the rest. Regent's Park has got also a theatre where during summer months theatre performances and shows are offered to the public.There is also the zoologic Park of the city and a lake with small boats to rent.

Hyde Park


Is the biggest park in London with a beautiful grass

,is open to the public all the day until the afternoon , it is common to see people lying on the grass or eating a sandwich. Is the park where the speaker's Corner tradiction began. Furthermore,it is a very crowded and lively park, because music concerts and shows are offered during all the year.

Kensington garden

kensington gardens, once formed the grounds of kensington palace. These attractive gardens were one of the reason that William III and Mary II bought the house when they came to the throne in 1689 .

St James's park


St Jame's park is at the very heart of London and convers 23 hectares(58 acres).With a lake harbouring ducks, greese and pelicans. St James's is also home to the Mall, the setting for many ceremonial parades and events of national