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The monument: The monument to the great fire in London, more commonly known as the monument (61. 57 m) and is located near to the northen end of the London Bridge.
Three sides of the base of the monument carry incriptions in latin.
This monument was designed by Christopher Wren.
The Monument's history:
A contemporary and official record appeared in two issues of the London Gazette.
The first is dated Sunday,2nd September 1666, the day of the outbreak. And six days later, the regular issue of the paper having been interrupted by the conflagration.
The fire started in a bakery so the monument is located in the exact place where the fire began.


Whitechapel murders:

The Whitechapel murders were a series of eleven unsolved brutal murders of women commited in Whitechapel, in the East End of London between 3 April 1888 and 13 February 1891. At various points some or all of them have been ascribed to the notarious, but elusive, individual known as Jack the Ripper.
Jack the Ripper:
Jack the Ripper was a serial killer active in the largely improvished Whitechapel area and adjacent districts of London, in late 1888. the victims were women working as prostitutes.

the known victims were: Mary Ann Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elisabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes and Mary Janes.


Queen Boadicea:

Queen Boadicea was a queen of the Iceni tribe of what is now known as East Anglia in England, who led an uprising of the tribe aganist the occupying forces of the Roman Empire.
Boadicea' s husband, Prasutagus, an Icenian King who had ruled as a nominally independent allly of Rome, left his kingdom jointly to his daugthers and the roman Emperor in his will. However, when he died his will was ingnored. The kingdom was annexed as if conquered, Boadicea was flogged and her daugthers raped, and roman financiers called in their loans.boadicea_ln_04.JPG
Cleopatra's Needle:
This monument is in the city of Westminster. Although its name it is not made by Cleopatra. Its origin was in the times of Thutmose III in 1450 BC.
It was taken by the British people in 1877 from the city of Alexandria (where it had remained for nearly 2,000 years) to the city of London. But in october of that same year it sank in a terrible storm in the bay of Biscay. But in the next year the British goverment found the obelisk and took it to the Thames and it was erected in Victorian embankment in 1878. Nowadays it's near Westminster.cleopatras-needle_london.jpg

In the UK exist aproximately 60,000 pubs. In a pub you use to drink beer, normally ale or bitter beer, but in a pub you mustn't smoke so you can smell the Bitter's taste. Usually in pubs always go the people who live around these places. It's not strange to see in a pub all people in it driking beer, in any pub there are, at least, 5 faucet, but you can find 30.